The website is primarily a search tool for assisting Buyers when looking for property. With that said, the organization presents a great advantage to Sellers of real estate also.

  1. Sellers can equally scrutinize specific markets to see what other similar properties are being priced at and thereby understand where and what competition is out there.
  2. Associated Agents are an excellent choice for Sellers to List their property with. Our Associated Agents receive all the inquiries and requests from Buyers who ask us for help or information. These Buyers generally have done their homework and are much more prepared to take action. (Remember we guarantee not to pester users of our website for their contact information... only when they request help do we respond) ASSOCIATED AGENTS

Associated Agents to are all full time, well-seasoned, highly reputable real estate professionals. We diligently scrutinize applicants to find the most service orientated agents in their respective, local markets. We do not accept agents into our network who merely want to participate... they must be proven professionals.