BUYERS was created specifically to assist Buyers in their search and dealings in their local real estate market.

Besides the obvious ease of searching the market provides, Buyers can find a huge advantage in connecting with one of our “Associated Agents” in the capacity of a Buyer’s Agent.


A Buyer’s Agent works entirely in the best interest of the Buyer, which is especially beneficial during negotiations. Many people don’t know that this is a legitimate service a real estate agent can provide. The “old school” assumption is that real estate agents only work for the Seller…not so today. The frosting on the cake is that even though an agent represents the Buyer in a transaction, he/she can, and usually does receive his/her fee from a split of the commission the listing agent receives from the Seller.

The only case that would prevent a Buyer’s Agency relationship is when an agent is the Listing Agent and thereby has a contractual obligation to work in the Seller’s best interest. In the case where the Listing Agent also finds the Buyer (which is very common), that agent can act as a Dual Agent (with the preapproval of the Seller).


Dual Agency basically allows an agent to act as a facilitator to the transaction, thereby having to take a neutral position toward both Buyer and Seller and simply facilitate the negotiations and transaction. ASSOCIATED AGENTS

Associated Agents to are all full time, well-seasoned, highly reputable real estate professionals. We diligently scrutinize applicants to find the most service orientated agents in their respective, local markets. We do not accept agents into our network who merely want to participate…they must be proven professionals.