Our website is premised on being the answer to one main question: “What does the consumer want?”

Have you hopelessly tried to navigate through complicated websites?

Does the “collage” of ads on each page confuse and/or distract you even more?

Are you tired of the continuous prodding to extract your contact information from you?

Do you get frustrated with inaccurate, out of date and irrelevant information?

Say…”NO MORE!”…use! is “Truly the Consumer’s Real Estate Guide”


EASY TO USE: If you can turn on a computer you can easily use this’s just that SIMPLE!

NO HASSLE: No need to give up your contact information... use this site as much as you want. We will not ask for your contact information.

OUR INTERACTIVE MAP: Allows you to pinpoint your area of interest. Draw a border (any shape) around any area...”click” and only properties within that area will come up.

LOOK, DIG, RESEARCH: Zero in on any Northern Minnesota Real Estate Property. Our information is comprehensive and updated hourly. We are directly linked to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Nearly all other major Minnesota real estate search websites use a secondary ’hub’ source for their information. This results in missing Minnesota lake properties and inaccurate property information. provides the most complete and accurate information possible.

WHEN YOU NEED HELP WE HAVE IT: When you request help, your request will be answered by a professional, full time, reputable Walker, MN area Realtor. You may simply request more see any lakes area property...all the way to requesting a professional to work as a Buyer’s Agent in your best interest.

It is our goal to be the website of choice when searching the Minnesota lakes area real estate market for property and/or assistance. This website was introduced in 2013 after 3 long years of planning. We have chosen the northern Minnesota lake areas of Walker, Hackensack, Longville, Park Rapids and Staples for our debut, with plans of expansion. We will be continuously improving to provide useful and valuable information to you, the consumer (at no cost or obligation). We welcome your ideas, advice and criticisms as help in our improvement and growth process.

We hope that when you need any help in moving forward with your Minnesota real estate search you will remember our commitment of service to you and call on us. We have a network of professional, full time, experienced and reputable Realtors available to help you. Our “Associated Agents” can and do work for various different Brokers and Agencies but are all individually selected for their reputations and their specific market knowledge in the particular location of your interest.

Thank you for using!